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How do we screen your hair?

We examine the hair and scalp in detail with the help of tools such as a magnifying glass, this helps us to rule out or confirm the presence of these insects.

And if they find Lice or Nits?

It’s okay, “we eliminate them for you.”



1. We apply only non toxic products from natural enzymes that will act on Lice and Nits.
2. We brush thoroughly with our steel combs; We also use other tools that help us remove all the lice and nits.
3. We dry and make sure no lice nor nits are left.

4. Your treatment has a 30 day guarantee.

Follow up

The follow-up appointment is made 7 days after your treatment! It has no extra cost… When you come to your appointment, it is important to bring your steel comb.

What happens if I don’t attend the follow-up appointment?

It is very important that you attend your follow-up appointment, since it is essential to keep the guarantee of treatment. In the event that you cannot attend, the guarantee is lost, and you would have to undergo the treatment again.

School Visits

It important to know if there’s a lice infestation at your school or kindergarden so that you can prevent been infected or re-infected.

We provide screening services at your school so that everyone gets checked. We also provide valuable information about Pediculosis, what it is, how it is spread, how to control it and much more.

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